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Centre and right, The Other Room, videos, including Restringing a Rotary Clothes Line
       Also,    video clip of Paradiddle Rox     at the Colour Out Of Space festival ...
                                    review of the whole festival including my set at WORDSANDMUSIC


Schläfli {5,3} Arduino Bluebird
online interactive ...

Restringing a Rotary Clothes Line

28 Critical Reflections

Paradiddle Rox 49

Bill Griffiths' The Horseshoe Falls (Niagara)

Gritty Reality
What happens when the games industry wins everything?   Techno-mind-games set in the collective imagination of ...         Read ... Download
        Pakari : the cave of refuge
What has a text adventure set in the Inca empire got to do with the Gritty Reality of the games industry?               Playeread here
                                                                  Cargo Cult      For that perfect present ...

                 * Creative writings, recordings, etc.    

        * Research Writings etc.
Photos +       Ingatestone 1976?       
Photopoetry exhibition 1978
Bob Cobbing & Clive, North America 1982    



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