Alan Riddell died on May 27th 1977. A retrospective exhibition of his work will be at the Ferens Art Gallery Hull from April 8th-30th 1978. This is the first in a series of exhibitions that will travel throughout Europe. Many of the works are the finest polychrome typewriter drawings in the field of concrete or visual poetry and they rank as supreme examples of pure graphics.

Organiser: Allen Barker ...

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Julien Blaine Untitled
Les ponts sont des mots étirés (bridges are stretched words
Jean-Françios Bory Les conquerants
J.D.'s story
Eternity in Venice
Beatrice found again
Portrait de l'auteur à cheval
Jochen Gerz Target piece
Mon coup de dés (my throw of the dice)
Res, non verba
Ces mots son ma chair et mon sang (these words are my flesh and my blood)
Bernard Heidsieck Cent foules d'Octobre
Machines à mots
Françoise Janicot Winding and hide-the-thing
Klaus Peter Dencker Ego
Mon cherie
Gehirne (brains)
Arme (poor)
Frieden (peace)
Siegfried S. Schmidt In dieser welt is alles preziös und ungeheuer (in this world all is precious and monstrous)
Timm Ulrichs Hinges
Douwe Jan Bakker Pronounceables
G. J. de Rock Untitled
John Liggins Exchanging languages
Ice, notice
Peter Meijboom Untitled
Annalisa Alloatti Light, poetry, colour, blindness, music
Mirella Bentivoglio Black flower
Ti amo (I love you)
Betty Danon Dot-line man-cosmos
Luigi Ferro Outline
Franco Magro Street poem
Mural cancellation

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