Alan Riddell died on May 27th 1977. A retrospective exhibition of his work will be at the Ferens Art Gallery Hull from April 8th-30th 1978. This is the first in a series of exhibitions that will travel throughout Europe. Many of the works are the finest polychrome typewriter drawings in the field of concrete or visual poetry and they rank as supreme examples of pure graphics.

Organiser: Allen Barker ...

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Paul and Clive Fencott 1

eeee Waterloo Bridge

My brother and I submitted 3 photographs, as far as we can remember, to Alan Riddell and two were accepted. One is reproduced on this page and the other on the next.

Basically the idea was: can you write with a camera? This meant moving the camera in the shape of the desired letter against a night scene that was made up of only a few distinct light sources; any hint of buildiings or any other objects would be lost by the camera settings and the film speed. Paul was the photographer. I certainly didn't have the expertise to give light to the idea.

Both photographs were taken on an Exakta RTL1000 using Ilford FP4 film. The exposure long enough to 'write' the letters by moving the camera.

iiii Waterloo Bridge, on the next page, was printed upside down to get the desired effect of a lower case i.

On the evening of the 14th March Paul and I had a few beers and got to the ...

Second image