Alan Riddell died on May 27th 1977. A retrospective exhibition of his work will be at the Ferens Art Gallery Hull from April 8th-30th 1978. This is the first in a series of exhibitions that will travel throughout Europe. Many of the works are the finest polychrome typewriter drawings in the field of concrete or visual poetry and they rank as supreme examples of pure graphics.

Organiser: Allen Barker ...

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Paul and Clive Fencott 2

iiii Waterloo Bridge

... private view which was quite busy. We met up with Bob Cobbing: probably in the pub before hand.

I don't really remember who was there or who else we spoke to but I do remember Bob suggesting that he and I should give a performance of the two Fencott pieces! After all, poetry, concrete, photo or whatever, is for sounding. I think I spoken to someone from the gallery to say what Bob and I wanted to do and was told no: a performance would not be appropriate: I don't remember the exact words.

Of course, this wasn't going to stop us. We had another glass of red wine and a little while later we duly performed the two pieces unannounced. It wasn't a long performance, a few minutes, no more, but it satisfied us that the two pieces, and poetic justice, had been well served.

On the faces of the others present there were variously bemusement, on the part of those who didn't know Bob or myself, or knowing smiles, on the part of those who did. Before too long the three of us went to a nearby pub. I am sure others from the private view were there with us but all I really remember about the whole evening is the impromptu performance and how appropriate it was.

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