Alan Riddell died on May 27th 1977. A retrospective exhibition of his work will be at the Ferens Art Gallery Hull from April 8th-30th 1978. This is the first in a series of exhibitions that will travel throughout Europe. Many of the works are the finest polychrome typewriter drawings in the field of concrete or visual poetry and they rank as supreme examples of pure graphics.

Organiser: Allen Barker ...

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Anthony Figallo Untitled
Gottfried Bechtold Pocket film
Manfred Chobot Untitled
Valie Export Schriftzug (writing train)
Sehtext 'Fingergedicht' (visual text Finger poem)
Karin Mack The beginning and the end
Paul de Vree Hysteria makes history
Money is the face of mankind
World = war + sex
Le miel industriel (industrial honey)
Alain Ariass Misson Oil
Ian Breakwell Page from the diary
Paula Claire Untitled
P. C. and P. Fencott iiii Waterloo Bridge
eeee Waterloo Bridge
Michael Gibbs Extinction event
Poem symboliste
Pat Grimshaw Roman Empire requiem
Tristan Gray Hulse Untitled ('Well'?)
Peter Mayer Anti-farewell
Edwin Morgan A definitive article
Betty Radin Moonhattan
Skyscraper, rocket
Don't look now baby
Venus, vinous
Apollo in air
Me in time, pace in space
Alan Riddell NGC 6172b (arrowed) in a field of galaxies
Karel Adamus Untitled
Helena Hatleova Intrusion into a mood
Vladislav Mirvald Untitled
Fin Valoch About memory
About art
Jan Wojnar Poem

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